History ,  Iconography

What Is An Inukshuk?

If you travel around northern Canada, Alaska, or even Greenland, you may spot large rock formations towering over the landscape. But what are these massive rock piles and what do they represent? The Origin of Inuksuit An inukshuk (pl. inuksuit)...
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Bazaar ,  Crafts

A Handy Guide To Natural Fibers

On Cultural Elements, we’ve talked extensively about the different fabrics that come from around the world. And if you shop the website, you’ll notice accessories and apparel made of all sorts of materials. To help you navigate the how...
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World Culture

What Is The Rosetta Stone?

Currently housed at the British Museum in London, the Rosetta stone is considered one of the most prominent archaeological discoveries of all time. But what makes it so important? What Is The Rosetta Stone? The Rosetta Stone is an...
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