Art ,  Crafts

Traditional Guatemalan Weaving

Travel to Guatemala’s markets and you might catch a glimpse of their exquisite textiles, which boast beautiful patterns in bold colors. But did you know? Weaving is not just a signature Guatemalan handicraft, it’s a tradition that spans generations...
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Bazaar ,  Gift Guides

Gifts For The Traveler

The needs of a traveler are special and unique. Between cramped seats, long plane rides, and living out of a suitcase, not just any gift will do! We’ve hand-selected these handmade goodies for the globetrotter in your life. Fair...
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World Culture

Must-See Colorful Natural Wonders

Here on Cultural Elements, we’ve taken you to some of the most colorful neighborhoods around the globe. But some places are so naturally vibrant, they don’t need any man-made enhancements. Check out these amazing landscapes and earthly wonders! Rainbow...
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What Is Ahimsa Silk?

Lightweight and lustrous, silk is one of the finest fabrics available. Yet few understand the processes used to create it. It turns out, not all silk is created equal. What is Ahimsa Silk? The fibers used to make silk...
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