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The True Meaning of Aloha

Think of Hawaii and what comes to mind? Beaches, ukuleles, and…aloha! Aloha is practically synonymous with Hawaii: tourists on the islands might be tickled to find the word everywhere, from shop signs to advertisements. And even if you haven’t taken a...
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History ,  World Culture

Aztec Gods

They may not be common household names, but the gods of Aztec mythology are a colorful lot, giving us an insight into a complex and great civilization. The Aztecs’ polytheistic religion included several figures, many of which were adapted...
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Celtic Cultural Icons

Triskelion The Triskelion, which resembles a stick figure sprinting forward, derives its name from the Greek term for “three-legged”. Appropriately, it stands for progress, action and competition. The three prongs have acquired various meanings through different periods of history,...
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